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3rd Centralized Training Session for C&S

10-11 March 2016 - Zagreb, Croatia

For hundreds of municipalities committed to objectives of Covenant of Mayors, technical and financial assistance provided by Supporting Structures is critical. Regions, provinces as well as national energy agencies and associations of local authorities have joined forces to support the Covenant of Mayors.

In order to additionally strengthen the capacities of the Supporting structures, the Central Training for Supporting structures will seek to create synergy and cooperation between the Supporting structures. This two-day program includes a Study visit that presents an ideal opportunity to learn more about the implementation of energy efficiency measures and encouraging sustainable development in building sector, transport sector and street lighting, through the examples of best practices.

The event will bring together numerous of prominent speakers and experts that will, through the individual themes, convey actualities and specific trades that are key in supporting the cities through the implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans and transformation towards low-carbon cities.

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For more information contact the City Office for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, Ms Ana Šimić and Ms Vlatka Šamarinec at: ; 


Materials presented during the meeting

 Miriam Badino, Metropolitan City of Genova: Project Mayors in Action

Jana Cicmanova, Covenant of Mayors Office: What is New? - The Covenant of Mayors for climate and energy

Giorgia Rambelli, ICLEI Europe:

Sanja Malnar Neralic, City of Zagreb: SMART CITY - Measurement System: Project CITYkeys

Velimir Šegon, North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency: Collecting data of SEAP measures: Which method/indicators are correct?

Carme Melcion, DIBA: Collecting data and reporting of SEAP implementation for small cities

Damir Loncaric, City of Zagreb: ICT solutions for collecting and analyzing data of energy consumption

Julije Domac, North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency: Monitoring of SEAP implementation

Melita Boric, City of Zagreb: Guidebook for training local authorities

Evi Tzanakaki and Katerina Sfakianaki, CRES: Handbook for Covenant supporters and coordinators

Michele Zuin, Municipality of Padova: Energy retrofitting of private households: MLEI-PDA PadovaFIT! project

Stefan Kempeneers, Interleuven: Sustainable transport: Mobility in regions of Interleuven

Patryca Plonka, PNEC: Renewable energy in building: Solar thermal panels installation

Federico de Filippi, SOGESCA: Energy management system: Energy management system in local Government 


Presentations in the Professional Tour

Krunoslav Tkalcic and Ante Nevistic, City office for physical planning, construction of the city, utility services and transport: Measures and activities of the city of Zagreb in sustainable urban mobility

Marko Kucan, City of Zagreb: Projects TEN-T Trans-European transport Network and Elec.C.Tra-Electric city transport 

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