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1st Centralized Training Session for C&S

26 March, 2014 - Genova, Italy

The goal of this first training workshop, launching the project, is to share experiences, methodologies and ideas among new and experienced Covenant Supporters and Coordinators (C&S). The attendees will be given an opportunity to get in contact with some of the most advanced C&S in order to enrich skills and competences and to enter tutoring and coaching scheme for the future. Furthermore, the interactive sessions will provide to C&S the opportunity to learn from one another.

Key note speakers include: Covenant of Mayors Office (CoMO), Joint Research Centre, Ministero dell’Ambiente, della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare, Coordinamento Agende 21 Locali Italiane, ICLEI Europe, Province of Barcelona, Centre for Renewable Energy (CRES) - Greece, Polish Network Energy Cités,City of Zagreb, Regione Veneto, INTERLEUVEN, SOGESCA.

The programme is available here.


Materials presented during the meeting

“The role of the Covenant of Mayors Coordinators and Supporters (C&S)”

Elodie Bossio, CoM Office (CoMO): The role of CoM C&S
Christelle Lefevre, RURENER & 100%RES: Joins the CoMo with RURENER and 100%RES project
Alex Verhoeven, VVSG: COM-supporters and -coordinators in Flanders: experiences and ideas
Maria Elisa Zuppiroli, Coordinamento Agende 21 Locali italiane: CoM C&S in Italy
Giovanni Vicentini, Province of Torino: The support of the Province of Torino to implement municipal actions
Silvia Moggia, ARE Liguria: CoM and multilevel governance – case studies
Maria Urbowicz, NFEP&WM: NFEP&WM contribution for Convenant Signatories

“Evaluation of SEAPs”

Giulia Melica, JRC: Evaluations of SEAPs: strengths and weaknesses
Federico De Filippi, SOGESCA: SEAPs - Assessing the feasibility of the actions

“Monitoring of SEAP”

Giulia Melica, JRC: Monitoring of SEAPs

“Tools for SEAP implementation”

Elodie Bossio, CoM Office: Tools for SEAP implementation
Giorgia Rambelli, ICLEI Europe: Tools for thoughts: the toolbox of methodologies on Climate and Energy
Carme Melicion Fonbernat, Province of Barcelona: Good practices and tools in Barcelona
Evi Tzanakaki, Centre for renewable energy (CRES): Good practices and tools in Greece
Eva Zane, Energy for Mayors: Role of Region of Veneto in Covenant of Mayors initiative
Theloura Ilektra & Anastasios Liapis, Municipality of Farsala: The Farsala approach
Stefan Kempeneers, Interleuven Municipality: Local and regional climate policy by Interleuven and the Covenant of Mayors
Adrian Hilton, Climate North East: Tools and good practices for SEAP implementation
Anna Jaskula, Polish network of Energy Cities: Good practices and tools in Poland

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