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MAYORS in ACTION´s training offer

The Mayors in Action project focuses on Coordinators and Supporters of the CoM (C&S), to foster and empower them in selecting, adapting and channeling good practices for the implementation and monitoring of existing SEAPs through training, tutoring and coaching schemes, addressing C&S and municipalities.

What does the training offer you?

  • Methods to accelerate the implementation and monitoring of SEAPs through analysis to identify feasible technical and financial solutions.
  • A selection of replicable methodologies, tools and best practices on climate and energy.
  • Means to transmit best practice including trainings, coaching schemes, local workgroups, peer-to-peer tutoring and action-focused initiatives.
  • Information about the financial opportunities for funding energy efficiency investments, as well as the potential legal and financial barriers and how to overcome them.

What are the benefits?

  • Participate in a tailor-made program to inform participants of strategies for evaluation of SEAPs, methodologies for implementation, methods for triggering financial opportunities, and how to improve communication and support with municipalities. The program includes:

    • International coaching and peer-to-peer schemes for C&S
    • European and National training sessions for C&S
    • Local training sessions for LGs

  • Network and exchange to find out about synergies at national and international levels.

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