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The promotion and creation of purchase groups for solar systems and energy efficient technologies in the territory is an initiative aimed at increasing the number of installations of solar systems in the territory.

The principle of operation of Solar Purchasing Group (SPG) is simple and well-established. It imitates the so-called GAS (Gruppi d’Acquisto Solidale), fair trade purchasing groups, which are groups of consumers who establish direct contact with farmers and food producers in general in order to be able to purchase their goods collectively and without intermediaries.

In the case of SPG, the management of the group contacts on behalf of members directly both panel manufacturers and installers. The goal is always to reduce the cost of "intermediaries", also facilitating discounts from companies that have the chance to benefit of economies of scale and to have orders quantitatively significant with a low commercial cost.

Furthermore, the Group enables participants to have appropriate guarantees, a good quality product and particularly support in dealing with the market. This is especially important when dealing with products that are new on the market and not well known by consumers.

Due to the characteristics of the service, many SPGs act locally while some others act at a regional level. This results in several advantages, including a more direct relationship with the installation companies, which are mostly small and, in fact, local.

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12.1 Objectives
12.2 Methodology: Steps of implementation and Tools
12.3 Actors of the process and their roles
12.4 Financial resources
12.5 Highlights

Best practices and training materials:

Below is a list of actions implemented in the partner´s territories.

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