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The Province of Barcelona organized several Energy days within the EUSEW in the context of MiA. Energy days have been organized together with the Network of Towns and Cities towards Sustainability. Every day from May to July DIBA and the network, together with other Covenant Coordinators and Supporters of Catalonia organized the Energy “week”: beginning on May gave the chance to reach schools, which in Spain finish before the start of EUSEW, an therefore to give a wider support to more signatories.
Within the Mayors in Action program on 18 June 2014 DIBA organized a specific conference on the RD 216/2014 which establishes the methodology to calculate the Electricity Volunteer Prices for Small Consumers (PVPC): Impacts on the energy contracts of the Local Authorities. Regulatory changes in the electricity market have been frequent during the last years. Recently (in March 2014) a new Royal Decree (RD) has been approved which establishes the methodology to calculate the electricity prices and the legal system of contracting. This new methodology is changing change the electricity bill and will affects seriously most of the supplies, including public lighting. In order to manage energy properly it is very important to know how electricity prices are established. Thus, it is essential keep up to date on the various regulatory changes in order to be able to plan the best strategies and actions in energy management.
Afterwards an exhibition on Climate Change and Sustainable energy has been created and it has been exhibited in several municipalities.


Energy day: "Conference on the RD 216/2014"


During the seminar several aspects were pointed out:

  • Electricity prices taken into account will follow the electricity market changes, so every hour will have a different price depending on the offer and the demand of electricity,
  • It will be difficult to manage the new methodology since smart metering is not completely deployed. It is expected that compulsory smartmeters will be fully installed by 2018,
  • Right now everyday consumption will be distributed according to the average day electricity consumption pattern, available in,
  • There will be the option to have a fixed price; however all experts agreed that this option would be less favourable economically, even though it would be much simpler to understand,
  • It is still not clear how this will affect the final bill,
  • The most used energy accounting software have already introduced these changes in order to control and validate electricity invoices.

For more information about the Energy Day, please check here (in Catalan), and also looking through the menu on the left at that link.


Energy Day: Exhibition about the Covenant of Mayors, sustainable energy and climate change


Moreover, a travelling exhibition - here under summarised - has been circulated and lent the municipalities asking for it during the 2016 Energy Week: the Energy Week in fact in Barcelona Province lasts more than two months in order to give service to the maximum number of municipalities.

For more information about the exhibition, please check here (in Catalan). Also in Catalan, you can find more information about the exhibitions in the municipalities of Abrera and Masies de Voltregà.

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