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Within the framework of the MAYORS IN ACTION project PNEC co-organised three Energy Days in three different municipalities participating in the project:
  • Raciechowice (Małopolskie Voivodeship, Southern Poland) - on 14.09.2014
  •  Chorzele (Mazowieckie Voivodeship, North-Eastern part of Poland) - on 1-2.08.2015
  • Kościerzyna (Pomorskie Voivodeship, Northern Poland) - on 14.05.2016
All three events were organised as outdoor events and met with great interest of the participants, especially children and youths. They helped to increase their awareness and knowledge regarding possibilities of energy saving and using locally available, renewable energy sources, as well as to disseminate information on relevant initiatives and actions undertaken by respective municipalities to improve local energy situation.
All municipalities participating in the project plan organisation of further Energy Days engaging and activating their citizens and local stakeholders. In order to help them in promoting their SEAPs and implemented SEAP actions, PNEC prepared for each municipality special brochure, presenting in a reader-friendly and visually attractive way:
  • municipality's long-term energy strategy
  • municipality's involvement in the Covenant of Mayors
  • municipality's SEAP
  • 3 actions implemented within the MAYORS IN ACTION project
  • role of citizens in reaching local climate and energy goals


    Energy day: “Energy Day in Raciechowice”


    Energy Day in Raciechowice was organised together with a very popular Apple & Pear Festival, which takes place each year in September. It was a great opportunity to promote among the citizens and guests from neighbouring municipalities not only local products and handicraft, but also the idea of energy saving and using locally-available renewable energy sources.
    During the event representatives of local authorities informed the citizens and local stakeholders about the Covenant of Mayors initiative, which Raciechowice joint in 2009, about their SEAP, as well as about various energy-related projects that they participate in, including IEE "Mayors in Action", IEE "EURONET 50/50 MAX" and "Garden over the head".
    Together with PNEC, they also had a stand where people could learn how to reduce energy consumption by changing their everyday habits and what RES system they could install in their buildings. They could also take with them copies of the numerous brochures and publications concerning climate and energy issues.
    The event was accompanied by concerts given by local bands, numerous contests (including the ones concerning energy saving and RES use), workshops and other attractions.


    Energy day: “Energy Day in Chorzele”


    Energy days in Chorzele were organised as a two-day outdoor event gathering citizens and local stakeholders, who had an opportunity to learn more about ways of energy saving and about renewable energy sources that are available in their region. Invited companies had their stands where they talked about benefits of installation of solar thermal collectors, PV modules, wind turbines and other systems used for energy generation.

     There were also many attractions for the younger visitors, who could take part inter alia in the art contest concerning RES. The winners were awarded with the cups and diplomas, which were handed by the Mayor, Mrs Beata Szczepankowska. All the participants also received small gifts for their efforts.
    In order to make the event even more attractive, except for the energy-related stands, there were also other stalls selling food and handicraft, as well as small amusement park. Each day ended with a concert of popular band or singer (Blue Café and Mrozu).
    All the time there were also freely available many different brochures, leaflets and other publications encouraging people to save energy and increasing their energy awareness. The energy days meet with great interest of the citizens, who eagerly joined in discussions on different energy-related topics.


    Energy day: “Energy Day in Kościerzyna”

    Energy Day in Kościerzyna was organized - in co-operation with PNEC - on the municipality's central market during sunny Saturday. A crowd of residents had the opportunity to visit specially prepared educational stands devoted to the topic of energy. The stands were prepared with great engagement of pupils and teachers from local schools, who promoted energy efficiency and RES use through the presentation of thematic works (posters, leaflets, etc.). Educational stands attracted great interest of citizens and guests visiting the city. In the tents you could admire the works of young artists, while the winners of school art competitions where handed the special awards by Mayor Michal Majewski.
    The participants of the event could also take advantage of the practical environmental advices prepared by the League of Conservation and the City Library, as well as to admire artistic performances prepared by children and youth.
    The special attraction of the day was a fashion show where children presented cloths made from recycled material - t-shirts from colorful newspapers, skirts from plastic cups, necklaces from screw cups and many others. In this way, young people and their teachers encouraged residents of the city and the county to save energy and natural resources. The most interesting outfits in each age category were rewarded by the jury with the Power Bank (portable charger). Other participants received gift vouchers as all creations deserved applause of the audience.
    PNEC not only supported the organization of this successful event but has also provided ecological awards: notepads, reflective bands with MinA logo, mugs, thematic energy board games, etc.

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