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Within the Mayors in Action project, the Metropolitan City of Genoa has organized several activities concerning the Energy Days, considering them as a central role for the success of knowledge dissemination and for the correct selection and/or implementation of specific actions for the SEAP of the involved municipalities.
Here follow the reports related to the 2015 energy days organized by CMGE entitled “Open Doors to Sustainability” and the following one entitled “The Climate Change! We Change Too. Our Ideas To Save The Earth” held in 2016.


Energy day: “Open Doors to Sustainability” plus “Exhibition on the Covenant of Mayors”

In 2015 CMGE organized the event “Porte Aperte Alla Sostenibilità” (Open Doors to Sustainability) in Genoa at the historical “Doria–Spinola” Palace on Monday 29th June 2015 as part of the Energy Days Initiative (, in collaboration with the Muvita Foundation and the Municipality of Genoa.
During the same period, CMGE co-organized an exhibition on the Covenant of Mayors Initiative for the metropolitan territory, held again in Genoa between the 15th and the 30th of June 2015.
The energy day "Open Doors to sustainability" was dedicated to actions and projects active in the metropolitan area and related to the European objectives “20-20-20” (-20% greenhouse gas, 20% of renewable energy and energy efficiency by 2020). The event started at 9.00am in the Council Hall of the Doria–Spinola Palac, that is the CMGE headquarter.

The central themes of the meeting were:

  •  the evolution of the Covenant of Mayors Initiative in the metropolitan area,
  • the results of some important projects, funded by the European Community, in which CMGE has been involved with its role of Local Coordinator for the Covenant and other virtuous initiatives for a more sustainable future.

During the energy day there was the official participation of the CMGE delegated council members: Mr. Enrico Pignone, of the City of Genova, environment assessor Mr. Italo Porcile, of the director of the Muvita Foundation Mr. Marco Castagna, and the director manager for environment and transport of CMGE Dott. Paolo Sinisi. Another important presence was the Anaci Responsible Mr. Pier Luigi D'Angelo and numerous other experts and professionals as Mr. Massimo Gattolin from CMVE, who moderated the day and presented experiences for the sustainability and resilience of the famous lagoon metropolitan territory in Venice.
The representatives of the Economic growth department of the Metropolitan City of Genoa explained the main successful results of active and past EU project, such as “Energy for Mayors” (, “PAST” ( and “MAYORS IN ACTION” (
In his speech Mr. Pignone expressed the commitment of CMGE to protect and enhance the energy resources of the metropolitan area through the promotion of energy actions from renewable sources to energy saving and efficiency. In this framework CMGE continues to support the municipalities in the metropolitan area in preparing policies, plans, programs and actions in order to reduce CO2 emissions.


Energy day: “The Climate Change! We Change Too. Our Ideas To Save The Earth”

In 2016 CMGE organized, in collaboration with the Muvita Foundation, the Energy day on the project "Il Clima cambia, Cambiamo Anche Noi! Le Nostre Idee per Salvare La Terra!" for elementary and nursery school teachers (plus some officials). The event was held in Genoa at the historical Doria-Spinola Palace, which is the CMGE headquarter.
The initiative represented a good example of best practice exchange within the Mayors in Actions project partners: in fact the work was based on Croatian books, games and documents concerning climate changes, energy saving and renewable energies originally prepared from Zagreb municipality for “Zagreb Energy Week 2015”. These interesting didactic materials have been translated in italian in order to be distributed among teachers of the Municipalities of Davagna, Genoa and Masone.
Using these materials young students were invited to create various things generally related to the sustainable energy theme, at the end they made very interesting stuff like: rap songs (e.g. a very inspired one entitled “Let’s go to renew!”), drawings, dioramas, LEGO machines and even a funny theatrical performance entitled: “Energies on trial”. On 27/10/2016 there was the presentation of the exhibition of all the students’ works at the “Montecucco Room” of the Genoa Port Autority Club.
The event was considered very lively and successful, for this reason the exhibition it has been continued at the Doria-Spinola Palace from to 28 to 31/10/2016 and from 2 to 5/11/2016 at the “Maggioranza” room”.



Within the Mayors in Action project SOGESCA organized three Energy Days in three municipalities interested in being involved in Mayors in Action: Este, Rubano and Santorso.
The first energy day (Rubano) was conducted quite at an early stage of the project (December 2015) to inform the population about the activities ongoing for the implementation of the SEAP.
The other two Energy days were conducted in the framework of the EUSEW of June 2016 and were therefore regularly submitted and authorized by EUSEW Secretariat:
The first one in Santorso on Thursday the 23rd with a conference on “Sustainable Communities”
The second one in Este on Sunday 26th with an info point during an “Ecological Sunday”, in order to reinforce the activities that were being conducted in the framework of the project.


Energy day: “ENERGY TRANSITION – The role of local communities in a new energy model”


The conference in Santorso was quite a success as there were 35 participants (given the small location and the little size of the Comune i.e. 5.800 inhabitants) and because the Energy day was addressed to citizens and provided new perspectives to a community which was already quite active in the theme of sustainable energy. In particular the activities of the community-based group and the energy Counter were promoted.
After a brief introduction of the Mayor Franco Balzi, reaffirming the commitment of the City of Santorso to be a good example in sustainability, the following presentations were held:

  •  Energy communities: examples around Europe and the world about the involvement of citizens and communities in the energy transition (Giorgia Rambelli - ICLEI Europe live skype from the International Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities in Bologna)
  • The H2020 project ENLARGE ENergies for Local Administrations: Renovate Governance in Europe (Marco Boaria – ALDA European Association for Local Democracy
  • A new approach to energy transition: the horizontal condominium (Paolo Pierobon, Head of the Environment Sector, Municipality of Treviso)
  •  Citizens for the Energy Transition (Buona Pratica Group, Santorso


Energy day: “For.ESTE sostenibile – Domenica Ecologica”


The Energy Day, conducted in the framework of an “ordinary” Ecological Sunday was articulated as follows:
two open guided visits on bicycle to the waste-to-energy plant of SESA, where the urban organic waste is converted in energy and compost through anaerobic digestion and composting
Energy counter open for information about energy efficiency, renewable energy production systems for domestic use and Solar Purchasing Groups held by Legambiente
Counter for the Green Electricity purchasing Group launched by the Municipality. The counter was managed by SOGESCA for Mayors in Action. The two counters were held simultaneously.


Energy day: “Il miglioramento dell’efficienza energetica delle abitazioni e delle attività industriali”


The conference was planned to touch different topics, starting from an introduction of the Covenant on Mayors, and then describing the SEAP of Rubano and the Mayors in Action Project followed by a series of presentations held by different stakeholders: the Municipality of Padova and Legambiente (the main environmental organization in Italy) for the residential sector; Confindustria (the main industrial organization in Italy) and SOGESCA for energy retrofitting of companies.
Retrofitting of the residential sector through the PadovaFIT project (Michele Zuin, Municipality of Padova)
Energy counter and purchasing groups as a way to encourage citizens to improve the energy performance of their houses (Federico Gianesello, Legambiente Padova);
Supporting instruments for the energy retrofitting of SME (Rino Dal Pos, Confindustria Padova)
Energy audits, white certificates and energy efficiency for companies (Pier Giuseppe Fumei, SOGESCA).


Energy day: “The New Covenant of Mayors: comparing experiences” - Focus on industrial activities


SOGESCA supported the Veneto Region in the organization of the event and participated giving a presentation on Energy Diagnosis in Public Buildings (by Alessandro Mazzari).



The Region of Veneto has been a Covenant of Mayors (CoM) Coordinator since July 2012, acknowledging the initiative as a key element of its policy and being a successful example of multi-level governance. Veneto Region organized successfully Energy Days as activities and events to promote good practices in the field of energy, sensitize citizens and stakeholders with regard to efficiency, energy saving and renewable energy sources, stimulate new ideas and build alliances to achieve the EU's climate and energy objectives:


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