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Energy days in Greece were organised and managed by CRES. Two Energy Days were conducted in 2016: one in the Muncipality of Farsala and one in Agios Dimitrios. A third - initially planned in the city of Vrillissia - was postponed so it could be hold simultaneously with the other planned activities of the World Environment Day, in June 2016.
The events were both primarily targeted to the school community, as both municipalities believe that schools are the primary vehicle for sensitizing the local community.
The total number of participants in the two energy days was 300.
Although there were not evaluation sheets distributed, the level of satisfactions was very high, as expressed by both municipal officials and by the attendees.
Such events have been considered and used by the Municipalities as a good beginning for several future activities involving citizens in the implementation of the Municipal SEAPs.



 The Municipality decided to focus its Energy Day to school pupils engaging them to participate actively. For this reason a drawing competition for primary schools has been organized. 254 drawings were submitted and six were awarded on the date of the event.
The energy day presented three main topics:

  • The role of the municipality in the Covenant of Mayors and related activities presented by Ms Ilectra Theloura, Consultant to the Mayor
  • Energy efficiency projects implemented in the municipality, presented by Mr Tasos Liapis, Head of the Municipality Technical Services
  •  Multilevel activities for mitigating climate change, presented by Ms Evi Tzanakaki from CRES

The event was introduced by the Mayor: Mr Aris Karachalios.
After the presentation session and the drawing competition awards session, the pupils participated in the game “Climatopolis”, a real life scale version of a “Monopoli” where pupils have to answer questions about climate change, energy efficiency, etc.
The event was extremely successful, with teachers and pupils expressing their enthusiasm about the topic and the involvement of pupils in the game.


The Mayor of Agios Dimitrios decided to address the Energy Day to all his employees and to the teachers and all directors of Primary and Secondary Schools. The aim was to inform and sensitize them about the topic and involve them in the planning of further activities for increasing sustainability at a Municipal level.
The event was forwarded by the Mayors, Ms Maria Androutsou and by the General Secretary Mr Ilias Savvakis.
The topics presented were:

  • The Covenant of Mayors and the SEAP of the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios, by Mr Christos Bellias, Municipal Consultant on Energy and Environment,
  • Simple Energy Saving Practices, presented by Ms Evi Tzanakaki from CRES,
  • Urban mobility, sustainable transport, presented by Ms Kanellina Giannakopoulou from CRES.

After the presentations an extensive discussion of cooperation among the municipality and the school community on sustainable energy issues was held.



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