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In the organization of the City Office for Energy, Environment and Sustainable development, the City of Zagreb has been successfully organizing the event called the Zagreb Energy Week, in the month of May 2015. This event has been held with great success for seven years in a row. The Zagreb Energy week is a complex mosaic of events with the aim of including and networking of all generations and stakeholders in the lengthy process of fighting climate changes. “Development we don’t want to stop, but pollution we can!” is the message of this unique event which invites us to work together in the process of implementing energy efficiency measures as well as the sustainable development projects and the preservation of natural resources for future generations. Also, the implementation of this initiative aims to familiarize the citizens of the City of Zagreb, the Republic of Croatia and broader European region to the models and ways of saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Every year, by organizing the Zagreb Energy Week, the City of Zagreb offers a rich and quality program which includes a number of international conferences, professional meetings, open door days, seminars, lectures and workshops.


Energy day: “Let’s talk about energy and preserve the environment”


Through Mayors in Action project, three events were kept aimed to kids, pupils and citizens. The City of Zagreb with principals of all kindergartens organized playroom “Let’s talk about energy and preserve the environment” in 162 kindergartens. It was involved more than 7.000 kids with their teachers. The youngest generations learned about energy, why it is important for all of us and how everybody, even the youngest among us, can contribute to the rational energy use, prevention of global warming and to environment protection. Through playing, discussions, drawing, coloring,creating breadboard models of windmills and other activities all kindergartens in the City of Zagreb were actively participated. For that purpose, the City of Zagreb printed 7000 coloring books in aim that every kid had their own book for drawing.


Energy day: “EE Info day”

The City of Zagreb organized an EE Info Day as part of the Zagreb Energy Week. It was kept on main square of the City center: it included presentations of economic subjects, scientific and educational institutions, entrepreneurs, civil society associations, ECO kindergartens and schools active in the field of energy efficiency measures, renewable energy sources, ecologically acceptable fuels and protection of the environment. More than 50 presenters showed their exponents and services on the provided stalls and the citizens had an opportunity to directly contact with the presenters. Besides, electrical cars and other electrical vehicles were exhibited and citizens learned about their performance. The Mayor and other politicians visited exhibition and also media were present and reported about the event.


Energy day: “Tell me about Energy”


The City of Zagreb with principals organized teaching about energy and environment protection. All first grades of Zagreb elementary schools kept classes entitled “Tell me about energy“ and the teachers taught to the children about the need and manner of saving energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. They used a picture book and an educational game produced by the City of Zagreb. Through discussions on this topic, the elementary school pupils expressed their own ideas, activities, drawings and essays on how they think energy can be rationally used and saved.



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