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Energy day: “Climate Conference”


 On November 27th, 2015, Interleuven organized in collaboration with the province of Flemish Brabant the first Flemish-Brabant climate conference.
The majority of municipalities in the region signed the Covenant of Mayor in 2014. Many SEAPs have been completed and are now in the implementation phase. Thanks to participation in European projects such as Mayors in Action, Interleuven offers its municipalities the necessary support for this.
Interleuven, together with the province, recognized as Territorial Coordinator of the Covenant of Mayors, organized a practical table on intermunicipal climate support.
The attendants received a brief summary of interesting projects and good practices and participants could indicate the need for local governments for (additional) intermunicipal support.
The interactive work session covered topics like: How do you organize an action from your SEAP?, Who do you involve in the story ?, Where do you find the necessary funding to support the actions? Why does an action not take place as planned and how is it best adapted? What specific support do you wish from a CoM coordinator?


Energy day: “Climate Conference”



On the 25th of June 57 municipalities of the province of Flemish Brabant signed the Covenant of Mayors. Therefore each municipality is committed to reduce the CO2 emissions in their area to at least 20% by 2020. Within the year each municipality has to realize a baseline emission inventory and a sustainable energy action plan. This plan contains several concrete measures to achieve the European objectives.
The European Commission has assigned Interleuven as a Territorial Coordinator to support all the 30 municipalities in the scope of Leuven. Only 27 of them have signed the Covenant of Mayors. Interleuven will support the local authorities with advice, training, a model action plan, scenario, actions, projects,etc…


Energy day: “Final event and study tour”


On 8th February the Final MiA Event in Brussels was held, with a visit to Leuven2030 in Leuven with a matchmaking dinner. Main features:
The Final event ‘Bridging the gap’ in BIP Brussels has seen the cooperation between MiA and Beastproject and there was101 participants.
During the event “Visit Leuven2030” there was a presentation of the project “Leuven2030”: actions of the city towards climate neutrality. the participants were partners of MiA consortium, invited LGs and twinning partners.
Matchmaking dinner in De Hoorn (Leuven): a walking dinner with a lot of possibilities for exchange contacts between partners of the Mayors in Action and the Beast consortium.
On the 9th of February a “Study Tour” in the municipalities of Bekkevoort and Rotselaar took place. Participants: MiA partners, municipalities invited by CZG, SOGESCA, Interleuven and PNEC, and the Interleuven twinning partners TEA and ALEEM.




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